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The Center for Natural and Integrated Medicine: The Revelation About Chelation!

Introducing You To A Wonderful Therapy

We heard an inquiry last week about the “new” chelation IV therapy. Actually, although there is new awareness of this IV therapy, it is not exactly new. We know if you are investigating chelation for the first time, it will be quite a revelation to you. Chelation has a long history of success. It was first utilized to remove lead from World War II vets who had been poisoned with lead paint. One discovery led to another, and the same treatment demonstrated stunning improvement in the condition of patients with heart and circulatory problems. Their pain and symptoms were diminished incredibly.

You probably are  familiar with artieriosclerosis, but did you know that EDTA chelation is a treatment that can relieve pain and symptoms of it? Read on to discover more about EDTA.

Chelation Documentation

Thousands of case studies have documented the efficacy of this safe and effective IV Therapy, and it has been proven to clear the bloodstream of heavy metals such as lead, iron and cadmium. The treatment also:

1. alleviates angina…

2. prevents diabetic patients limb amputation…

3. reduce high blood pressure…

4. enhances blood flow and boosts circulation…

5. reduces calcium deposits in the arteries…(And we are certain that you would prefer this simple IV therapy to the invasive angioplasty.)

The experts say, “Getting the iron, lead, cadmium, and mercury out can be accomplished with chelation therapy, which both prevents and can reverse heart disease, atherosclerosis, and the other problems mentioned above.”

What Can You Expect from Chelation Treatment?

Just lean back and relax in our treatment room. Sink into a comfortable recliner.  Our health professional will prepare “an intravenous solution of vitamins, minerals, and the chelator EDTA.” This is the amazing substance known for its ability to pull heavy metals out of the body.”

You will be given an IV and let the powerful antioxident in the IV, EDTA, perform at the molecular level in your blood stream.
About 1 ½ to 3 hours later, you will rise from your leisure time, and the EDTA will pass through your urine, carrying its cargo of heavy metals that could be poisoning you. We hope you will click on our special page to learn more details of this excellent therapy.  Today’s revelation about chelation?  It isn’t new and experimental; it’s tried and true!


Thought For The Day:  Spring is a Good Time To Check Your Supplements!


If not now, when? When will you still stop picking out supplements because they are fads? When will you realize that your friend’s supplements might not be the best choices for you? When will you listen to your body?

If you are self-prescribing your supplements, we urge you to reconsider your methods.  We invite you to better understand supplements and other health choices through by scheduling a session with the bio-communication device, the Zyto. Although it might sound like science-fiction, the amazing technology in the Zyto allows your body to communicate with a computer. It is easy, quick and totally painless.

Click onto one of our previous blogs to learn more about this diagnostic equipment. By the way, when you come to the seminar, feel free to bring your top three, current supplements. We will see if your choice and brand of supplements is adequate for your biochemistry. We hope to see you there!



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