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Are You Chemophobic or Chemo-Cautious?

Sometimes advocates for natural medicine or organic foods are criticized for showing an excessive fear of modern synthetic chemicals. Such critics define this fear as chemophobia.  No, we are not chemophobic, but we are cautious, perhaps we could be called chemo-cautious.
We are concerned  about the amount of synthetic chemicals increasingly present in our lives.
Nothing can startle us out of complacency like a few well-researched statistics. We have some numbers for you, thanks to Robyn O’brien’s recent article on Dr. Frank Lipman’s blog. We do not exhibit these facts to frighten you, but to intensify your awareness of the world around you.

Keys To Chemo-Caution

1.  84,000…the number of officially registered, synthetic chemicals circulating in an ordinary day of your life. These synthetic substances are in our air, our foods, and in the packaging that holds our foods.

2.  7%…the percentage of the above stated chemicals that have extensive testing completed.

3.  93%…the percentage of these chemicals that are in our normal environment and food, not yet tested enough to be officially endorsed. With many of these chemicals, the label simply states that usage exhibits “no evidence of harm.” The label does not admit that the testing has not yet been completed, nor whether or not it was comprehensive.

Labels: Truth, Lies, and Half-Truths

We believe it is natural to propose one question: are these synthetics making us sick? Robyn O’Brien, food analyst, certainly believes we are endangering ourselves and our children. Her book, The Unhealthy Truth explains her personal battle for investigating and reforming the American laws that govern the testing for synthetics.

The Unhealthy Truth “reveals the alarming decision-making process” by which authorities allow both untested food additives, and ingredients from foreign foodstuffs, to be integrated into our food supply. Her work also explains “the relationship between the manipulation of our food and the increase in diseases in our children.” .

New Keys To The Causes Of Cancer

Let’s look at a rising health care issue, breast cancer. Again, whe bring you some interesting statistics.

1.  The disease has been diagnosed in 227,000 women, and it recently killed 40,000 American women.

2.  Today 1 in 8 women in the United States contracts breast cancer.

3.  In spite of the propaganda leading you to believe this cancer is mostly hereditary, “only 1 in 10 of those cases is genetic.”

4.   This means that “9 out of 10 of the women that get breast cancer have no family history of the disease, suggesting that the trigger is environmental.”

The commission charged with studying the effects of synthetic chemicals in the  American lifestyle has additionally  reported that women who immigrate to America from the orient, “increase their risk of developing breast cancer. We hope our environment of synthetic chemicals isn’t changing so fast that science can not test it.  It is not chemophobic to be armed with education and prevention.

It is not too late to become aware of natural alternatives to what you eat, what air you breathe, what substances you wear on your skin, and what products you use to clean your home.

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