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The Center For Natural And Integrative Medicine Asks: Are Hormones Sabotaging You?

We know many women who look in the mirror and stress about their weight. They wonder if recent gains have been caused by the calories, the carbohydrates, their age or their exercise regime.

There is another element involved in weight gain that women do not always consider: Their hormones. Please Mark Your Calendars!   Dr. Thomas Moraczewski will be discussing hormonal reasons for women’s weight gain on March 20th, at The Center For Natural and Integrative Medicine.

Entitled “Women, Weight & Hormones,”  Dr. Moraczewski’s seminar will be informing listeners about hormonal imbalances and their role in weight gain. Put simply, hormones are defined as “chemicals produced by glands in the body that circulate in the blood and control the actions of cells and organs.” Through Dr. Moraczewski’s seminar, you will meet the cast of characters of the hormonal system:  Thyroid, Cortisol, Sex Hormones, Leptin, and Ghrelin.  They travel through your bloodstream, carrying messages to various organs in your body:

The doctor will help you understand how these hormones can play a major role in weight control.

To reserve your seat, for 6:00 March 20th, we invite you to RSVP at 407-355-9246.

Three Keys To Empowerment Over Excess Pounds

1. Self-Assessment: If you are gaining extra pounds, it might be time for some soul-searching. What are the causes behind your weight gain? Are you making healthy food choices?
Have you stopped physical activity because you just feel slow and weak?
If you have sincerely stuck with a healthy diet and exercise plan, and honestly could not shed pounds, the cause could be hormonal.

2. Physical Activity: Do you feel too tired to exercise? “The fatigue and lifestyle changes that often accompany unbalanced hormones could be holding you back.
Getting more exercise can actually help you combat some of the side effects of hormonal changes.”

3. Evaluation:  If You Suspect Hormonal Imbalance, Please Schedule An Evaluative Appointment. “Because hormonal imbalances are often accompanied by other symptoms and assessing your health can help determine if you are experiencing a hormonal imbalance.”

If you are gaining excess weight from hormonal imbalance, we can find various treatment options for you.  Hormones are perfectly capable of driving your body to put on weight, especially around the abdomen, that infamous “belly-fat.”

We hope you will join us at our seminar so you can learn about methods of controlling hormone imbalance. Then we can empower you to feel more like performing physical activities, and improving your eating choices.

Thank you, once again, for reading our blog. We certainly hope you will continue to “drop by,” and gain new insights into Natural and Integrative Medicine.

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