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From The Center For Natural and Integrative Medicine: Holiday Healthy Hints And Wishes For You!

Here at The Center For Natural and Integrative Medicine, we certainly want our friends to enjoy a wonderful holiday season. We also want you to  maintain your good health habits in spite of the temptations of the season. Today we bring you some healthy hints to help you avoid eating too much, drinking too much, and stressing too much, during this special time. Enjoy!

1. Shower Before Your Morning Walk:   Just take a brisk rinse in order to wake up. You will take the shower for getting clean after your morning walk or workout. Fitness expert Amie Hoff says, “It’s going to kick off your day in a good way, and the choices throughout your day are going to be a lot easier to make.”

2. A Buffet Strategy: You can go for Seconds!

We know you can not avoid the holiday buffets, but we have a strategy for you. “Don’t overload your plate the first time around, says Hoff. Scoop out small portions of the foods you want to try, then go back for a little bit more of your favorites.” The keys to this strategy are “small portions,”  and a “little bit more.” We also advise you to use the smallest plate possible!

3. Fight the Blues With Charity:

Some people become depressed by the season because of the commericialization and the materialism involved in gift-giving. Peter Dunn, author of 60 Days to Change: A Daily How-To Guide With Actionable Tips for Improving Your Financial Life,  explains that if the material side of the season is making you sad, find a way to give from the heart. It will make you feel better. “Truly giving to charity, whether it be time or money, is extremely helpful for keeping your holiday wits about you,” he says.

There is science behind the good feeling, the uplifting joy you feel when you do an act of selfless charity. The act of giving reduces the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.

Experts also suggest that adults and kids alike, should can be invigorated by holiday music. Play it and you might even dance! They also recommend giving your family presents that encourage physical activity, like active games or sports equipment.


4. Avoid the Office Snack Attack: The secret to enjoying the goodies brought to your office this season, is to have one – but only one! If you choose to nibble the fudge brought by the officer manager, than you must avoid the company vice presidents’ sugar cookies. Experts advice, “Make sure to keep your desk stocked with healthy snacks as an alternative to the sweets.”

5. Delay Those Resolutions:   You might consider making goals for the New Year until a few days after Seasonal festivities are over. Current healthy habits are challenging enough without adding impossible holiday time limits and stress. “There’s no need to put more pressure on yourself now. “If your expectations are impractical, then you’re more likely to get frustrated and quit,” Striving to maintain your current weight is enough of a goal. And doing only that will still put you ahead of most Americans: On average, we tend to gain about a pound between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

6. Making The Toast Without The Most:  At the events you decide to have an alcoholic drink, don’t drink more than two. Evaluate the calories of the drink you choose. Wine spritzers are half water, so there is a solution! Find more suggestions for healthy holidays at this source.

The Center For Natural and Integrative Medicine Wishes you a Joyous Holiday Season.


May you have the Spirit of Christmas, which is peace,


The gladness of Christmas, which is Hope,


And The Heart of Christmas, which is Love.


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