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Our blog title this week, “Guard Your Life and Lymph,” is not a misspelling. We know the old saying refers to your “life and limb.”

In order to care for “life and limb,” you might need to better understand your lymph system.

The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine has previously addressed the lymph system in a blog describing its five secrets.
You might want to preview or review that blog in conjunction with this one.

Did you know that the word “lymph,” is from the Latin word for “watery,” which describes the lymph fluid perfectly? The lymph system is known as the body’s secondary circulatory system, and it is possibly the most neglected system. Here are a few facts to help you get to know your lymph better!

Fascinating Factoids about Your Lymphatic System:

1. It contains about 50% more lymphatic fluid than blood.

2. It processes up to 10 times as much virus and other toxic elements, as does the blood in the circulatory system.

3. It contains collection sites called lymph nodes. You probably know about lymph nodes, but did you know you have over 600 of them?

4. It can become blocked, and when the lymph system is blocked, it is prevented from delivering germ-fighting material to our cells. Consequently, our cells succumb to the virus, fungi, and bacteria, and we get sick. As it says on our special page regarding Lymphatic Drainage, “Cell nourishing material is prevented from reaching the blood stream.”

5. It has no central pump. The circulatory system relies on the heart, but the lymphatic system relies only on gravity and your physical activity to move fluid through its many tiny vessels.

As you follow these four factoids, and add them up, you might begin to wonder about one or both of two major concerns.

A.  How do I know I have blockage in my lymphatic system?

B.  Is there a treatment for lymphatic blockage?

First of all, we caution you against any type of self-diagnosis. The best way to ascertain if you might be suffering from blockage in your lymphatic system is to schedule a visit with our team at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine.

Preliminary to that, just as “food for thought,” not diagnosis, we provide you with the following brief quiz.

Positive answers to any two of these questions might lead you to call us for an appointment about the health of your lymphatic system:

The Lymphatic Quiz:

1.   Are you feeling tired for no reason?

2.   Would you say you are run down or sluggish?

3.   Are you stressed?

4.   Are your breasts unusually tender to the touch?

3.   Are you  suffering from fluid retention or edema?

4.   Do you suffer from poor circulation?

5.    Are you gaining weight easily and finding it hard to lose?

6.    Have you noticed you have a strong body odor?

7.    Do you have cellulite?

8.    Does it seem like you are constantly catching colds and infections?

If any of these symptoms are causing you difficulty, lymphatic drainage treatments might be key to reducing your pain and discomfort, as well as starting your journey on the road to wellness.

The treatment also might help to prevent breast and prostate problems. Experts agree you will undoubtedly benefit from “relaxation, emotional balance and feelings of well-being and increased energy,” after lymphatic drainage.

If this information has stimulated your curiosity, then please mark your calendar for a special seminar offered here at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine. You can learn the details on the state of the art treatment, available here at the center. Expert wellness consultant, Lareece Gee Long will be conducting the seminar Saturday July 19 from 10:00 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.

She has stated, “Cleansing the Lymphatic System using the B.E.L.D. ™ System is the easiest way to address the protein blockages from stress, negative thoughts, actions and feelings. Every disease known is caused by these protein blockages in the Lymphatic System.”

The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine thanks you for reading our blog this week, and invites you to stay tuned for Part Two, about your “Life and Lymph,” and our state-of-the-art B.E.L.D. treatment, next week.


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